How To Attend College After Serving In The Military

Posted on: 27 July 2018

You've served your country, and now you want to further your education. While you have many financial aid and loan options, you want to see what benefits you can get from the military. Discover how you can attend college successfully after serving in the military without spending a lot of money bettering your education.

Attend while serving

If you aren't finished with the military yet, use your opportunity now to undergo training that will lead to a career or a college diploma sooner. Your training in the military, including technical, electronics, medical, and communications, will help you get the career you need once you've served your time.

In some cases, you can exchange some extra months or years of military service for a free college education or college tuition reimbursement. Keep this in mind as you explore your college education choices, especially if you have some college experience behind you and you just need to complete a few credits to get a degree.

Ask about military discounts

Ask a college or university you are interested in if they offer military discounts. Many colleges and universities offer a discount to some degree for those who have served in the military, regardless of how long a person was active or how long ago their service was.

Your college or career counselor will be able to tell you how to apply for military discounts or rates to further your educational career. You should also consider applying for special veteran loans or grants that will give you more money for your education (especially if you are entering an in-demand field, such as medicine or electronics) or affordable interest rates that make going to college much easier.

Ask about military aid

In some cases, you are unable to pay for college at all. As a military veteran, there are services available to you that can cover most, if not all, of your college expenses whether you are already active in a career or if you are returning to school after military retirement.

You need to talk to a military aid consultant to fill out the paperwork, so you meet deadlines and fill every line correctly. Military aid can be different from traditional grants and loans, or even traditional financial aid, and can help you boost your educational career in positive ways. Your military career will help you get the education you desire as long as you pursue the financial assistance you deserve.

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