4 Reasons To Become An Electrician

Posted on: 14 August 2017

When deciding to study a new trade and begin a new career, there are many factors to consider and potential career paths to compare and contrast. If you are considering a trade, becoming an electrician should definitely be included high on your list of possibilities, since electrical work is often well-paid, interesting, and rewarding in many ways. Here are four of the biggest reasons to consider becoming an electrician:

Being an Electrician Pays Well

Electrical work pays well, with an average national salary over $50,000. As you gain experience and specialization, you may have the opportunity to earn an even higher salary. Electrician jobs in commercial settings tend to pay more than residential work. Many electricians eventually decide to work for themselves, even subcontracting work out to other qualified electricians once they get busy enough.

If you take this route, your electrician career is scalable, with your income continuing to grow as your business expands. Within a traditional job setting, you can improve your income by becoming certified to perform electrical inspections, specializing in smart home technology, or moving into a supervisory role.

The Work is Challenging and Engaging

Being an electrician involves using all of your problem solving skills and drawing on the specialized knowledge you will gain in trade school and during your apprenticeship. You must be able to quickly and accurately troubleshoot electrical problems, have a solid grasp on how electricity and electrical systems work, and be knowledgeable about regulatory codes and compliance. This is work that will challenge and fully engage your mental faculties, making it a great fit for those who love problem solving and hate being bored in their work.  

You Aren't Tied to a Desk

For many people, showing up at an office every morning and spending eight hours staring at a computer screen feels confining and dull. If you are the type to not find office jobs appealing, being an electrician may be a great fit. In most cases, electricians travel from one job site to another, enjoying a great deal of novelty. Both your work environment and hours may be flexible and ever-changing, preventing your job from feeling too stagnant.

There is a High Demand for Electricians

The demand for electricians is already very high, with an expected 14% growth in demand by 2024. As more electricians retire, there are more job openings, making this a dependable field to enter into. Another driving factor is the growing popularity of smart home technology, which usually requires professional electricians to install. Since electricians are in demand nearly everywhere, you won't be tied to one location and can always consider moving to a new city if that appeals to you, without worrying that it will be difficult to locate work.

Becoming an electrician is a practical and often interesting option. By attending a trade school and becoming an electrician, you can experience these benefits for yourself.